hello. i love you. i am a 20 something something something. i am so old. you have uncovered a shining easter egg from the real life of a real individual. i am an actor, i write, i paint, i am trying to be good at music. i also do cybersecurity things, and maybe I will post writeups, techniques, malware or malware analysis, as well as poems, beats, essays, and whatever else

i smoke lots of weed and get quite sad. i also smoke lots of weed and get quite glad and full of wonder and love. i looooooove sexy ladies. i make a website. perhaps you see this in passing one dreamy night after smoking half a joint, and then maybe somewhere along the line you and i share a kiss?

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some of my images are from the wonderfully talented fauux over at if anyone wants to sue me for using the images i donwloaded from the internet on my website, you can contact me at

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